About C.D Multimedia Services

With our team of Journalists, Marketers, Designers, ITs, Content Writers and Consultants, we are here to Revolutionise Cyprus’ Marketing Era.

In April 2020, amid the COVID-19 pandemic, we introduced C.D Multimedia Services Ltd, the first specialised Defence and Security Marketing Agency on the island, aiming to operate as a one-stop shop for our customers. And we did it.


At the heart of what is possible there is innovation & imagination. We aim at providing a holistic approach to the specialised nature of marketing communications in the defence and security sectors.

  • Creativity at its best
    Showcase our customer products and services in an optimal way
    Apply a tailor-made approach to each customer
  • Uncompromising Quality
    Added value embedded in every service. We love what we do, hence you can rest assured that we deliver only the best in all of our services.
    We pay attention to details. After all, details make the difference.
    We know our thematics. With our blend of professionals ranging from Journalists, Marketers, Designers, ITs and Consultants including ex Security Forces personnel, we are proud to say that we always deliver what’s requested in the demanding sectors of Defence, Security and beyond.
  • Punctuality
    We understand and respect deadlines. To put it simply, we deliver what we promised when we promised it.

About Carie

Founded in 2010, CARIE is a non-profit association that promotes Industrial Research and Innovation in Cyprus and the interests of Cypriot Innovative technology companies. The founding objectives are:

  • Safeguarding and promotion of research and innovation enterprises common interests, along legal, financial, social and ethical perspectives.
  • Cooperation with governmental organisations responsible for the design of the Research and Innovation National Strategy and its promotion to enterprises in favour of increasing their competitiveness.
  • Cooperation with Cyprus Government and other public and non-governmental organisations, aiming at the dissemination, development and promotion of scientific and technological research and innovation.
  • Design and support of research and innovation promotion programmes, targeting enterprises as beneficiaries, and focusing on their needs for competitiveness increase in the local and international market.

About the Cypriot Defence Industry Cluster

The Cypriot Defence Industry Cluster (CYDIC) was established in 2010 by members of the Cyprus Association of Research and Innovation Companies (CARIE). Its defence and dual-use activities include, inter alia, Advanced Tactical Communications, Electronic Warfare, Sensors, Surveillance, UAVs Cybersecurity, Law Enforcement and Search and Rescue technologies.

As an innovation-driven cluster it promotes synergies between different stakeholders such as the government, research organisations, companies and academia with an ultimate goal of addressing the challenges arising in the defence and security sectors. The cluster also aims at enhancing the Supply Chain Security of various products and systems operating on the island for the benefit of the Republic of Cyprus.

The Cluster strategically coordinates with Cyprus’s research institutes to foster innovation by the Cypriot SMEs. It supports SMEs by monitoring major research programmes and procurements in Defence and Security and provides consulting on business development, industrial matchmaking and other services. The Cluster also maintains close ties with Greek Defence and Security clusters such as Hellenic Aerospace Security & Defense Industries Group (HASDIG).

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